It's Artcrush time! How we love an Artcrush, the sweaty palms when you hear their name, you think about them all the time, you want to tell everyone about them - but you also want to keep them to yourself. You know the feeling. Well, this Artcrush of ours is all the way from Florida, and we've crushed on her cement creations for quite some time now. 

Hello Happy Plants is the brainchild of Kelsey. This plant loving goddess was kind enough to fulfil our dream of a twisties packet planter - and also added Vegemite and VB to the exclusive mix for us! The Aussie dreams sold out quick smart upon release in August and are now back in stock baby! Check them out here, and don't deny yourself if you're crushing because they won't last long we tell ya!

We sent Kelsey some questions, and she answered them. We really want to hang out with her now. 

Hello Happy Plants is such a cute name we love it, it sounds like you're talking to your plants. Do you talk to your plants? Pretend you do, what would you say?

Of course I do!!! While plants can make people happy and definitely look (+hopefully feel) happy themselves, they can also be SO moody and annoying. Im wild4plants and have about 25 plants inside my house. I’m constantly moving the strugglers into different rooms, outside for the day, 3 inches to the right to get a certain freaking sun ray at a specific time of day… you get the point haha. When I bring one nurse to life theres definitely a “come on bb” or a  “good girl!” thrown in there along the way :)

How did you come to work with moulds of amazing foods and beverages? Tell us about your lightbulb moment. 

had a friend teach me how to make silicone molds and I was so hooked. I started thinking about everyday life items and the connection people (myself included) have to them and was like - why are there 712674124 of the same geometric planters** in this world and no cigarette pack planters?  Why cant an old mcdonalds chicken nugget toy be a planter?! the rest is history! (aka me throwing clay at the wall at 3 am until i perfected the perfect “lumpy French fry planter”)

** no offense to the geometric plant home builder and suppliers!! do you!! love you!!

We feel very lucky to have customised planters inspired by the Australian diet of Beer, Twisties and Vegemite. Have you tried any of these things? Thoughts? 

You feel lucky?! I'm lucky!  and no, I haven’t!!!! I've never been to Australia :-0 Im vegan so I might pass on the twisties But all beers are family to me and I think Vegemite sounds weird as hell.. so sign me up there. When i told my mom I was going to make y'all Vegemite planters she left me a voicemail singing “land down under” 

What's been your favourite planter creation so far? 

I think I'm most proud of the chip bag. Its molded from an actual chip bag someone littered in my front yard and I think it got reincarnated pretty nicely. I also LOVE CHIPS.

Air Plants are perfect for these little planters, do you have any tips on taking care of these water-free friends? They still need to be watered right? 

They are certainly one of the most forgiving plants but yes, they do. Misting them a couple times a week and a nice dose of daily sun is just about all these plant kids need. I also suggest filling up a bathtub/sink once a month and letting them soak 30 minutes to an hour! Keep em extra happy :) 

Tell us about the process working on your cement? 

Well dang! 99% of people think they're fired ceramics but they are in fact cement planters! I make an initial mold out of clay, make a silicone mold of the initial mold, after thats done- wala! (i love how i say wala! like its an easy, not at all anxiety inducing process) I mix cement, pour it on in, wait a bit, play with my doggie, head back in and pull out the planter! Every hello happy plants planter is hand cast, hand painted and given a big smooch on their way out!

Finally, favourite Third Drawer Down artist product? 

I actually spit out a little of my drink the first time I ever saw the corn cob stool. I told at least 10 people about that day and had my finger on the add to cart all day long. That night, after a little ~liquid courage~ i jumped on yalls website to pull the trigger- IT WAS SOLD!!!!!!! so close.. yet so far. Long live the corn cob stool of my dreams <3 ANNNYWAYS- yes 1000 times to the corn cob, but I am so incredibly inspired by all of the “giant stuff” so so so amazing. I cant wait to come buy every single thing you sell one day!!!!!!!!! Except maybe not that crying baby head. :)

You wanna hang with her too huh? Shop Hello Happy Plants here. Thanks for reading and happy holidays everyone. 

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