ART VAULT: How Jon Campbell's yeah flag project encourages people to think differently

The Yeah Flag encourages people to think differently and find better or more interesting ways to express one's thoughts or beliefs. 

Jon Campbell’s Yeah Flag has a broad history. It was first made for an exhibition in New Zealand in 2004. Since then the flag has been flown all over the world including the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Campbell’s Yeah Flag is positive, humourous and inspiring – great characteristics for a national flag. Needless to say it has in fact been put forward to become Australians national flag!

Jon Campbell’s mix of warmth, grit and humour make him one of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists. Paintings, cut-outs, banners, neon signs and placards by Campbell celebrate the daily life of the Australian suburb as significant in the making of who we are.

His works express a masculine view of the Australian suburban experience and demonstrate his love of vernacular, popular music and culture, design, sport, advertising and youth culture. He takes materials from the every day and assembles them to create his own sense and meaning. 
Campbell’s works are often loud and boisterous and, like great pop music, one can’t help but love them.

Jon Campbell’s works are held in collections at the NGV, Melbourne, Sydney’s MCA and Heide Museum of Modern Art among many others. Jon was the recipient of the 2010 Melbourne Art Foundation Artist Commission, and won the Basil Sellers Art Prize in 2012.
“I like the small important things, the overlooked, unloved, things on the side. These moments to me often reflect more about how we live, than the official version. I’m not trying to be preachy at all; I’m just pointing out the things that I think are important. It’s about making a space for people to think about how we live.” — 
Artist Jon Campbell on his ‘Yeah’ flag project, which has since evolved into neon signage, larger-than-life banners, bunting and even our signature tea towels.
His work encourages us to remember the everyday, accessible and often seemingly mundane nature of art: it’s about the small, important things. It’s for everybody. Yeah!

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