Our final Art Crush for 2016 (tear!) is none other than the ruler of our hearts, and our bank accounts every time a new blanket comes in, Lilian of BFGF.  We've had BFGF blankets in our company for some time now and they never last long, mainly because they're totally beautiful. These bad boys are blankets yes, and yes they are warm and soft and make your bed look exceptional, but we are very into seeing them on walls. 

Their creator is not just in the blanket business either, she is a whizz with ceramic and painting and her cushions are pretty special as well. We love her. 


We threw five at Lilian about her brand, many talents, and The Simpsons, and then asked her to come live with us in a magical world of blankets and plants. 

Firstly we gotta know, your brand name BFGF, what does it stand for and how did you come up with it?
Boyfren / Girlfren because it's unisex. I thought it was funny :~) 
Your illustrations are like little pieces of our soul, we love your love of nature and pop culture, and we especially love your love of The Simpsons. Does your work happen pretty organically or is it planned out what Lisa sits next to?
When I am figuring out placement and arrangements I try to make a composition that makes sense to me visually. It has to do with the way things fit together and the negative space they create. 

You're very multi-talented, what would you say your favourite medium to work in is?   
Thanks! :) I like to paint on paper and linen with acrylic paint. 
What's the best part about being a creative person?
The best part about being a creative person is being able to foster relationships with other creative people, and celebrating the beauty in nature and the human spirit.
bfgf blog post
Lastly, what's your favourite Simpsons quote? 
"You don't win friends with salad" It's not true but it's funny :*) 

Word of advice, if you want one of these, grab it, they sell like HOTCAKES. 

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