Anastasia Klose T-Shirts for Sale

This is fun. Third Drawer Down is excited to be rotating some of our favourite local artists work within our Fitzroy jungle of art products! We are kicking things off with T-shirts from Melbourne artist Anastasia Klose. If you missed out on witnessing the hype around these T-Shirts at the NGV then it is officially your lucky day, because they are here and they are available to purchase. 

Anastasia Klose’s work explores a particular “aesthetic of the pathetic“, but not in the derogatory sense that it may first imply. 

Originally part of the One stop knock off shop at the National Gallery of Victoria and Art Basel Hong Kong her mock knock-off garments carrying slogans subverting the names of well-known artists were featured on the homepage of the The Art Newspaper website, providing welcome exposure to an international audience: "A series of 'knock off' T-shirts -emblazoned with a series of strangely familiar art world names - are stopping people in their tracks at Art Basel Hong Kong this week," The Art Newspaper wrote.

We are big, big fans of Anastasia Klose and are humbled to have her T-shirts for sale on our walls. 

Can't get to Fitzroy? A-OK. Call us on (03) 9534 4088 or email us at and we can make things happen. 

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