An Eggo Easter

2019 has already been a year of twists and turns for everyone, but none more so than the humble ole egg.

Egg Maracas

A single egg (@world_record_egg) took the place of most liked photo on Instagram over a selfie of Kylie Jenner. The mysterious egg first popped up in the first week of January and managed to crack an easy 18 million likes within days. This phenomenon was the first official meme of 2019 and became a global sensation. It was then revealed that the egg was in fact a part of a campaign in the name of normalising mental health - “Recently I've started to crack, the pressure of social media is getting to me. If you're struggling too, talk to someone.”

Foot Pedestal

Then we were blessed with Melbourne teenager #eggboi. This 17 year old quickly became our knight in shining armour after egging QLD Senator Fraser Anning. Egg Boy did the deed in the middle of Anning's press conference in response to some racist remarks made by the Senator, making eggs once again viral across the globe.

Ramen Puzzle

Now, it’s Easter. And while your initial thoughts may drift towards choccy rabbits and sugar headaches, we’re taking this time to remember what really came first - the egg. Get cracking on your Easter gift shopping and check out our most eggcellent products that won’t leave you in lying in fetal position in a chocolate coma.

Cat Egg Cup

That’s all for now, yolks.

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