Pixel Trade documenting Third Drawer Down

A dear friend of mine, Emma Beattie from Yes Way was introduced to Shantanu Starick, founder of Pixel Trade via Ingrid and Sean from Ladro as he had traded with Ladro in 2012.  

Pixel Trade was developed two years ago to reintroduce the bartering system into day-to-day life.  Shantanu is travelling to all seven continents of the globe trading his services as a photographer for life’s basic necessities. No currency, no contracts, only his camera and an eager smile.   

Third Drawer Down was privileged to trade with Shantanu in October this year.  The experience was so wonderful for many reasons, to spend time with Shantanu is inspiring and his reflection of ones life through his eyes is poised between stillness and magic.  

There are certain dreams that we wish to assist in making happen for Shantanu and we hope that someone reading this will find inspiration in his project and assist a trade to Antarctica.  





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