Free Condom Project

Developed by art distributor Third Drawer Down the Free Condom Project features designs by leading artists, David Shrigley, James Gallagher, Anne De Vries and Kill Pixie. The Free Condom Project aims to positively change perceptions about condom use, helping to reduce the increasing rate of STIs by making condoms readily accessible to sexually active people in a fun and engaging way that encourages people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.

Through The Free Condom Project, Third Drawer Down hopes to make condoms readily accessible to anyone who is sexually active in an engaging and non-threatening way. Via collaborations with artists such as celebrated Glasgow artist David Shrigley, Third Drawer Down aims to provide uniquely packaged non-threatening products. Best known for his mordantly humorous cartoons, Shrigley’s work is unique through his ability to find humour in the inconsequential, the unavailing and the bizarre. Other collaborating artists include Anne De Vries and Kill Pixie.

With 20 per cent of men and almost 17 per cent of women diagnosed with STIs and blood-born viruses, The Free Condom Project hopes to educate and protect sexually active adults in a fun and engaging way. A first of its kind, this dynamic enterprise sees the health sector and a commercial enterprise joining forces with an aim to raising condom awareness throughout the general public.

Since 1993 internationally acclaimed fashion retailer agnès b. has given away free condoms in its stores worldwide. The practice is now generally accepted and shows that a simple act at a local level can create great change. The Free Condom project also hopes to encourage the acceptance of all sexualities and improved sexual health for all Victorians.

Why the link between art and safe sex? Both are positive forms of communication, enjoyable and should be embraced by all adults regardless of sexual orientation or age. Third Drawer Down has collaborated with an array of celebrated international and local Artists to promote a safe sex message around Victoria and change perceptions about condom use.

The Australian Study of Health and Relationships found only 20% of people used condoms the last time they had vaginal intercourse. This use was generally associated with partner type and other contraception, suggesting condoms were mainly used to prevent pregnancy.

Contraception should not be the only consideration, as the study also found an alarming 20.2% of men and 16.9% of women had been diagnosed with sexually transmissible infections and blood-born viruses. Worryingly, the research shows Australians generally have poor knowledge about transmission and the health consequences of STIs. Encouraging condom use and safe sex in all sexual encounters can help address this.

The Free Condom Project wants to encourage people to enjoy safe sex and take ownership of their health and wellbeing. Third Drawer Down’s Free Condom Project will offer free condoms from selected retailers around Victoria from the 1st of November 2010.

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