The Best Of Kris Kringle

We've been busy doing the kringle bell rock, getting all of our gifts under $30 curated for Kris Kringle season. Whether you have your boss, your brother or your boyfriend to buy for this silly season-there's something here to impress the pants off them. 


From the cleaver folks at Frankie Mag comes Lunch Lady. This is a very trendy gift kids. 

Yes these are Virgin Mary Soaps. You gotta go there. 

We cannot think of one person who wouldn't want these magnets. So fucking useful. 

This will be something that everyone will want to play with at the Christmas party, and you'll be that funny guy. 

Prescription Beer, for those with a yeast and hops deficiency. Or those who love Beer. 

 Don't be fooled this is just a taste. See the full edit here. 

Brittney Bennett

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