Francis Upritchard


Francis Upritchard is a New Zealand born artist, living and working in London. She creates sculptural installations, often surrounding humans as a central theme. These figures inhabit a world replete with found objects warped to their own uses. They showcase the diverse human condition, often cheerful, miserable or introverted. The humour in her work often mixes ancient with the future, and creates evolution gone askew.

‘In this exhibition, Upritchard has set a stage for archetypes. The iconic martyr, 'The Misanthrope’, the vilified and cruel beast, ‘Mervyn’ the fool, ‘John’ the knowing jester. Gestures are exaggerated, suggesting a common language. There is sensitivity to our place in history, and an acknowledgement that today there is no common faith, or a unified community: the fool has no court to amuse, or anyone to listen to his truth. Ultimately, the figures are lonely and comical, Handmade bowls are ghostly, faded memories; a translucent wash replicates the colours and pattern of a coarsely woven bowl. But, there is humour in this work too. Two furry camel heads sit on the top of urns with snooty expressions. A necklace of cigarette butts hangs prosaically from a wall. Colour acts as a counterpart to the seriousness. Echoes reverberate between the present and past in an attempt to identify a semblance of shared experience, and make sense of modern life.‘ Release by kate MacGarry Gallery

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