The Revitalisation of Greville Street by Broadsheet

It is nice to see the Broadsheet supporting a Greville Street - a street of greatness and deep strength in community.  Come down and see for yourself - there are many design and artist run businesses - plus amazing eateries.  

Design outlet Third Drawer Down settled on Greville Street a little over a year ago. With a long, successful run in Fitzroy, what prompted an expansion across the river?

Abigail Crompton, Third Drawer Down’s founder and managing director, says fond memories of Greville Street during her youth were the motivation to open Third Drawer Down’s second store in Prahran.

“It’s an old love. I was hanging out there in my twenties when it was like the Carnaby Street of Melbourne," she says. "I still really believe in it. This area has an incredible community feeling. I think people from the north side of the city need to come over here and experience it for themselves.”



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