ARTCRUSH.6 Donna Wilson

Our new instalment of ARTCRUSH is the whimsically talented UK artist and designer, Donna Wilson.  

Third Drawer Down has been carrying her beautiful creatures in our stores for 6 years now, and she never ceases to impress us with her warm charismatic loveable designs.  From Bruce Monkey, tiger plates and tree socks, we are pleased to be one of her few stockists here in Australia. 

We grab a few moments of the ever busy new mum's time, and see what she's been working on...

1.      What song/album/podcast do you have on repeat at the moment? 

Normally it’s  the radio we have on, BBC 6 music.  But I watched a documentary on Kate Bush recently and have been listening to her again, she’s amazing!! Fav tune a woman’s work.


2. Could you take a photo of something and tell us a story about it? 

  I have to send you my newest product! Baby Logie. He is  a vey chilled out chap and loves his cashmere hat - also a new product designed especially special new babies. He dislikes getting wet and loves being jiggled!


3.      If you had to describe your design process in 5 words, what would they be?

Chaotic messy eclectic spontaneous rewarding


4.      What is your favourite thing about your studio in East London? 

The high ceilings, it’ feels really spacious even though we are always short of space for the products.  It’s an old warehouse space and I like the fact that we can all work together in the same space.



5. If you were an animal (or one of your animal characters), what would you be? 

I think I’m a little bit of all of them! But if I had to choose I think I’d be Cyril squirrel-fox, as he’s one of my long time favourite,  I’ve made up my own back story for him, as I imagine he is the descendant of a very famous fox who was a famous adventurer. Cyril squirrel fox has some of these genes and loves going on voyages of discovery!


6. Where do you get the inspiration for your characters names and back stories? (our favourite is Bruce the Money who likes writing poetry and experimenting in the kitchen)

When we finish making the first one, I look at it and  normally it’s expression and form speaks to me and tells me what kind of personality it has, so if it has a quiet or extrovert personality that means I can get ideas for its name and personality!!

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