Great Success! Wrapping up our Garage Sale Gala Day.

Thank you to all of you that made it to the garage sale and also to the people that didn't make it down, we're sure that you meant to make it but something came up and we're cool with that.

The sun was shining (so much so that the staff kinda got sunburnt), there were bargains had and there were many happy, smiley faces which equates to us being happy little vegemites. The day would not have been as much fun had you not all rocked up with your smiles so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Oslo Davis was on the scene with his pen poised and his ink at the ready. Many portraits were drawn and many portraits weren't drawn... as anticipated the queue was long and the time was short so for those of you that missed out you're more than welcome to shoot us an email at and we can add you to the top of the list for next time Oslo readies his illustrious hand.

For anyone that came along to see Dan and Heather from Dog Photog on Saturday you would have heard the high-pitch squeals that only emanate from a person passionate about what they're doing. Heather manages to reach frequencies that only dogs can hear which is rather fortuitous considering her line of work. Thank you to everyone that came down with their puppies in stow, as evident from the picture above, the results are mind-blowingly adorable. 

Finally a big shout-out to Michael and his team from Phamily Kitchen, if you'd rocked that deep fryer any harder you'd have been singing "we are Phamily, I got all my spring rolls with me". For anyone that had a springer live-fried by the Phamily you'll know that it was a musical experience and proof that no event is complete without searing hot oil on the scene.

Until next time.


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