The Party's Over – Third Drawer Down South-Side's Belated Birthday Bash














Dumpster Dive for exclusive gifts, Cash, Gift Certificates and Free Workshops and Vouchers. 10% off All Day. Mystery Edition Bags to lucky customers. Wine and Nibbles from 3PM onward.


Third Drawer Down South Side

155 Greville Street, Prahran, VIC


When: June 28th 2014, all day Saturday, 11-5PM

We've blown out the candles, the plates are rinsing in the sink and the wrapping paper is in the Dumpster.  Third Drawer Down South Side has been open for 3 months, and we have been too busy to come to our own celebration.  So now the dust has settled we have decided to throw a belated birthday bash because even though the opening celebration is over, there's no point going on without a party.

The dirty secret of the South side belated birthday bash is in the garbage.  All day Saturday, we invite our customers to go dumpster diving – we've thrown  nana’s cheque out with the wrapping paper, plus much more.  This dumpster isn't just wrapping and scrap paper, but instead is chock full of gift certificates, workshop vouchers, hand signed Third Drawer Down editions, cash and store items.  Dive in the dumpster and find some amazing loot, courtesy of Third Drawer Down. Dumpster diving starts at 2 PM, just in time for the wine and snacks.  With 10 % off all day long, all it takes is a $50 purchase to get your face in our dumpster.

Over $1000 worth of loot is in the dumpster – better fish it out before it hits the landfill.

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