Fresh arrivals for happy hound dogs!

Fresh new brands have landed at Third Drawer Down and we are all wagging our metaphorical tails over here, because they're mostly dog related! 

Ware of the Dog, straight outta New York, is for the fancy hounds. The fancy hounds that will be warm and dry all winter that is! From fluorescent rain coats to high neck sweaters and the bestest brightest leads and collars you've ever seen, the Ware of the Dog collection draws inspiration from the classic 'beware of the dog' sign with high quality design and materials a focus. We're all barking mad over it over here!

ware of the dog from new york city

ware of the dog dog lead

ware of the dog dog jumper

Also inspired by the New York pooch and proudly made in the U.S.A, Mr.Dog dog toys scream, or shall we say howl, quality design and craftsmanship. That being said they are almost too good looking for your dogs mouth so if you want to have them as display toys, no judgement here. We love the Mr.Dog ethos which is that dogs and humans share the same world and deserve the same quality products and choices! We'll bark to that. 

mr dog dog toys from new york

mr dog dog toys from new york

Holy s*&# food matched with dogs on an enamel pin!? Designed in Melbourne by the mum of instagram celebrity toy poodle @lifeofjinkeem these pins are too adorable not to collect. 

french bulldog enamel pin

pug enamel pin

pizza pom


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