Weather Rooster X Kiosk

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Weather Rooster

3" x 4.5" x 2" Wood, Plastic, Flocking & Cobalt Chloride

Camarate, PORTUGAL

The Barcelos rooster myth is a story concerning justice. While traveling throughout Portugal we came across as many variants of the story as I think there are live roosters in the country. The one most repeated went like this: There was a young guy on death row but he was innocent. He told the judge if the rooster chirps when they hang me, I am innocent. They hung the guy, the rooster chirped and somehow they managed to not hang the guy in the end. Thanks, rooster! Years later, an innocent inventor came up with the idea of covering a rooster with a proprietary blend of materials that forecasts the upcoming weather, so if it rains, the rooster tells you! Actually, it will tell you before the rain. Thankfully it will also indicate when the rain is about to end! Each rooster comes with a code breaker, deep blue means sunny day tomorrow, pale pink means rain and everything else is in between. I am watching the rooster and most days it does seem to work! Place near a window so it can feel the nature vibes outside.

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