Art History (Part 1 - version D) editioned print by Vuk Vidor

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Artist Vuk Vidor Title Art history (part one – version D)
Medium silkscreen
Size 41.4 x 29.3 in. / 105.2 x 74.3 cm. Year 2004 – 2011 Edition 200
Hand Signed

The prize for the best art history goes without doubt to Vuk Vidor, an artist from Belgrade working in Paris. His mural called Art History is a list; on each line he links an artist to his/her cultural impact in three words. He is so efficient that he tackles over 30 in his piece. So for example he writes Mondrian owns Geometry, Pollock owns Drippings Warhol owns Pop, Botero owns Fat and Munch owns Despair.

A Third Drawer Down exclusive in Australia


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